Pornography requests inundate Delhi police’s graft helpline


Pornography requests inundate Delhi police’s graft helpline
Mahender Singh Manral   |   Mail Today  |   New Delhi, November 5, 2014

The Delhi Police’s new WhatsApp helpline is facing a peculiar problem. Porn clips flood the anticorruption helpline, apparently sent by mischief makers from other states and even from abroad.

A dream project of Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi, the vigilance helpline (9910641064) was launched on August 6 for making the force corruption free. Whistleblowers could send audio and video clips on the helpline of police officers seeking bribes. Now, the cops are left red faced as mischievous elements post threefour porn clips daily on the WhatsApp helpline number.

“In the last three months, around 220 pornographic clips have been received on the vigilance helpline number… These clips were sent from the US, Dubai, Punjab, Delhi and Haryana,” a senior police officer told MAIL TODAY.

An accused, identified as Chandan Singh, was arrested by the police after it received a complaint from the DCP (Vigilance) on August 19. The arrest, however, failed to deter the mischief makers. The Delhi Police’s vigilance unit also lodged no complaint in this regard. The vigilance unit reportedly doesn’t want to increase the work of the district police.

The police officer further stated that the vigilance unit is already suffering from shortage of tech-savvy investigators.

“Initially, we received sting clips-both audio and video-of corrupt policemen. But the helpline number was later added to random chat groups on WhatsApp and then porn clips started flooding the helpline number,” the officer said.

Another problem was noticed in the last three months. Despite advertisements on radio and in print, people are still not aware that the vigilance helpline number is exclusively meant for sending evidences against corrupt policemen of the Capital.

“On November 2, a youth sent an Islamic State video on the vigilance helpline. He complained that that some foreign jehadists had sent an e-mail along with the video to him. In their e-mail, the jehadis have asked him to join their group and offered big amount for the same. The youth wanted to lodge this complaint through this helpline. We later forwarded the complaint to the Special Cell,” the officer said.

The Delhi Police’s vigilance department received around 40,000 messages on the helpline number, but only 5,000 of them were found to be relevant. In the last three months, only six cases were registered against nine policemen in connection with corruption cases.

“Since August 6, nearly 40,000 WhatsApp messages, 1,554 SMSes, 5,783 calls and almost 10.500 missed calls were received,” the officer said, adding that the vigilance unit is putting 12 hours work every day.

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